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Are you interested in contracting with Cameron Constructors, Inc.?  The following explains our process in qualifying subcontractors who wish to work with our team.

Please fill out form below and submit.  Ingrid Cameron will contact you and forward you a contractor qualification form.

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Subcontractor requirements

Cameron Constructors, Inc. maintains strong relationships with the areas best subcontractors, contractors and suppliers, we are always happy to add qualified subcontractors and specialty contractors to our bid lists.  In order to be placed on our bid lists, we require the following information be faxed or mailed to our office:

  • Contractor qualification form which our office will email or fax to you
  • Copy of Florida Contractor's License
  • Copy of Liability, Commercial Auto Policy, and Worker's Compensation Insurance Certificates
  • Dun & Bradstreet Number
  • References

Upon receiving this information, we will check the following information:

  • Business status with the Florida Secretary of State
  • Correct filing of Florida Contractor's License (company must be qualified by license holder)
  • Current status of insurance
  • Dun & Bradstreet report
  • References

If all information is satisfactory, we will then add you to our bid list and accept proposals from you.  

Current Bid Opportunities

For a list of projects we are currently bidding please contact Jim or Ingrid at our office for an update.  

We will ensure that you will be allowed to visit the site, receive all plans, specifications, addenda, and all other project relevant paperwork. 

 Request for Proposal

RFP's are sent via fax and email.  

 Proposal Submissions

Proposals MUST contain the following statement:

"This proposal is per plans dated (insert date and list of plans) and specifications."

Proposals that do not contain this statement will not be accepted.

Proposals that contain unnecessary exclusions may not be accepted.  

As a standard practice, all contracts in excess of $100K will require a bond.  Please price your proposals accordingly and list your bond premium separately.

 Post-Bid Information

Bid days can be very hectic in the office.  Because of this, we ask that contractors do not call on bid day to check the status of their bid.  We will not give out the following information concerning bids:

  • Names of competitors submitting bids
  • Pricing of bids

Cameron Constructors, Inc. maintains high standards and prides ourselves on keeping the playing field fair.    

  Contract Awards

A low bid does not necessarily guarantee a contract award.  Contract offers will be made as soon as possible after bid openings.  We use the following information when determining a contract offer:

  • Price
  • Scope of work - too many exclusions may mean we will not consider your proposal
  • Ability to bond - if necessary
  • Subcontractor financial stability - we will check references including suppliers
  • Current and correct paperwork - make sure your licenses and insurances are up to date and correct

When a decision is made to offer a contract, we will then contact the subcontractor or supplier with a contract offer.  A copy of our standard contract is available upon request.

 Purchase Orders

The following are our conditions as related to accepting material and making payment on purchase orders:

  • Prices included in Purchase Orders are not subject to change without prior notification, in writing, and presented prior to the delivery of purchased material or equipment.

  • A signed receipt for all deliveries must be attached to the vendor’s invoice and all invoices must include the project name and project number. 

  • All deliveries must be made between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM Monday through Friday.  Deliveries will not be accepted outside of these hours.

  • For Purchase Orders in excess of $5,000.00 that are subject to Florida sales tax, please read this from the State of Florida Department of Revenue concerning sales tax.

We cannot stress enough the importance of having both a signed and printed name of the person taking delivery of the material purchased.  With a signature, there will be no dispute concerning the acceptance of material.  We strongly urge suppliers to obtain the signature of the person taking delivery when that person is a subcontractor contracting with Cameron Constructors, Inc.  If suppliers cannot supply a signature with a disputed invoice, it will take longer to settle payment issues. 

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day and visiting us!


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